The Wireless Way to Rewire Your Outlets

Use PSYNQ power controls to easily configure and synchronize your electrical outlet controls without costly wiring or electrical work.


Completely Secure

No WiFi! PSYNQ power controls cannot be hacked an do not pose a security threat to your home network.


PSYNQ controllers are designed to last and be used indefinitely instead of adding electronic waste to landfills.


No new switches! PSYNQ power controls use the wall switches your family is already using.

Reconfigure Outlet Controls

Use any switch controlled power outlet to control the power at any other outlet. Simply plug the PSYNQ transmitter into the switch controlled outlet and the receiver into any other outlet. Plug your desired appliance into the receiver and the wall switch will now control the appliance.

Synchronize Appliances

Plug the PSYNQ transmitter into any outlet and an appliance into the transmitter. Then plug the PSYNQ receiver into any other outlet and your second appliance into the receiver. Your appliances will instantly turn on and off in sync with each other.

Easily Configure and Synchronize Control of Your Outlet Power

Don’t let wiring limit your interior design and room decor options.

Won't Go Obsolete

As technology changes, PSYNQ does not. No operating systems updates or hardware changes will make your PSYNQ controls obsolete.



Plug your PSYNQ controls into the desired electrical outlets and then plug your appliance into the PSYNQ controls.

Smart Home Compatible

Use PSYNQ controls to inexpensively expand the functionality of your smart home system.

"Perfect for use in apartments and rental locations where rewiring isn't allowed."

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