Frequently asked PSYNQ questions are answered here. We’ve done our best to compile answers to all of the most common questions about how PSYNQ works and how you can use it.

Can more than one PSYNQ be used at the same time?

Yes. PSYNQ transmitters are electronically paired with the desired number of receivers by the end user. Once a transmitter is paired with certain receivers, it can be used at the same time as other paired trasmitter/receiver sets without interference. Transmitter and receivers can be paired and re-paired in different  combinations and configurations over and over again as desired.

Does PSYNQ require a WiFi connection?

PSYNQ uses a safe low power radio frequency transmission that eliminates the need to connect to your home WiFi network. This means that PSYNQ doesn’t pose a network security risk and cannot be hacked. It also means you have one less device to worry about going obsolete as WiFi systems and technology change.

How far apart can the PSYNQ transmitter be from the receiver?

PSYNQ transmitters and receivers can be up to 25 feet apart depending upon obstacles and barriers between them. PSYNQ units can operate through walls, but performance will vary based on barrier construction materials and the number of barriers.

Is PSYNQ safe to use?

Yes. PSYNQ uses harmless 2.4Ghz radio signals that are completely safe to use. Also, by using PSYNQ you have additional options to avoid overloading individual power outlets, which increases the overall safety of your home.

What kinds of appliances can I control with PSYNQ devices?

PSYNQ can be used to control any simple electronic device you can plug into a power outlet such as lights, fans, and other simple electronic devices. Specific load limitations have yet to be determined.

Will PSYNQ interfere with other electronic devices in my home?

No. PSYNQ devices are FCC compliant and have been tested to ensure they do not create EM or RF interference.

Can I use a single PSYNQ transmitter to control multiple PSYNQ receivers?

Yes. As long as your PSYNQ receivers are successfully paired with your PSYNQ transmitter, you can use a single PSYNQ transmitter to control as many receivers as you would like.

Can I use my cell phone to control my PSYNQ connected devices?

PSYNQ does not use your home WiFi network and is not connected to the internet. To remotely control your PSYNQ appliances, you must plug your PSYNQ transmitter into a WiFi connected smart home outlet or power strip.

How many PSYNQ devices can be used in the same location?

The number of PSYNQ transmitters and receivers that can used in the same location is nearly limitless since they operate as unique sets once successfully paired.. The exact number of uniquely paired combinations that can be used in close proximity to each other without interference has yet to be determined, but it is sure to be well over 100.

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