Synchronize Your Lamps

Use one lamp switch to control multiple other lamps.

No Wiring Work

Change the functions of your existing electrical wiring without paying
an electrician.


PSYNQ power controls can transmit up to 75 feet and through walls to allow you to synchronize lights in multiple rooms.


Save time and energy by linking the most conveniently placed lamp to all the other lamps in a room.

How it Works

1. Plug the PSYNQ transmitter into the wall outlet and the primary lamp into the transmitter.

2. Plug the Psynq receiver into any other outlet and the secondary lamp into the receiver.

3. Flip the switch, and the PSYNQ transmitter recognizes the current flow and sends a signal to the receiver.

4. The receiver detects the signal and turns on the secondary lamp.

Control multiple receivers with a single PSYNQ transmitter to synchronize more than 2 lamps and avoid overloading outlets.

"PSYNQ allows for otherwise impractical interior design possibilities."

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