Christmas Light Control Made Easy

Light all your Christmas decorations with a single switch.


Completely Secure

No WiFi! PSYNQ cannot be hacked and does not pose a security threat to your home network.


No separate hub or cell phone app! Everything you need to run PSYNQ comes in the box.


No new switches! PSYNQ controls use what your family is already using.

Turn All Your Lights On At Once

A single PSYNQ transmitter can be used to control as many PSYNQ receivers as you want, so you can instantly turn on and off all of your Christmas lights. Plug the transmitter into a switch controlled power outlet and plug your lights into the receiver to control your lights with a switch. Or plug your PSYNQ transmitter into any outlet and your lights into the transmitter to control all your lights by plugging in a single strand. Either way, one touch turns all of your Christmas lights on or off.

"Simplify your Christmas light controls without doing any wiring."

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