Was there already a product that solved this problem?

The search was on for a simple solution to our light switch problem. I had a lamp plugged into an outlet. I had a wall light switch I was used to using. I didn’t want to rewire the house. Surely someone had already solved this problem with simple product right? 

I searched and searched around online and came up with nothing. I went to a variety of stores and asked if they had something. Surely Bed Bath & Beyond already had this product, and I could use a coupon right? Wrong. I had some friends who thought they were good at using Google do some searching and they couldn’t find anything. I was starting to become convinced that this product wasn’t on the market yet.

I even took a dive down the ‘smart home’ rabbit hole and I’m still not sure if the smart home products would let you reconfigure a wall switch to control different outlets. You can definitely use your phone to control the power at an outlet, but this was for a room for our first baby. The last thing I wanted to worry about during 3am diaper changes was whether or not I had my phone with me. 

So then the next natural question was: how hard would it be to develop this product?